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The Paul D. Jones Show

Speaker, author, leader, and educator – Paul D. Jones continues to live by his mission statement, to Improve The Lives Of As Many People As Possible!

“To live a remarkable life, you must be willing to take some remarkable actions. Now let’s see how remarkable you can be!” Paul D. Jones

Paul D. Jones, a Minneapolis-based businessman, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Paul has dedicated his life for the enrichment of the masses, educating people on life’s various circumstances. Paul also is the author of books: “Who Told You…You were Broke?”, “Schedule for Success”, and “I Quit” all targeting to make people overcome their personal obstacles and pursue their goals.

When Paul speaks, he speaks right from the heart, displaying passion, fire, and dedication that engage his audience and this justifies how Paul devised one of the fastest growing and largest sales team, becoming a million-dollar producer with a $2 billion enterprise.


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Paul D. Jones

Speaker, author, leader, and educator

Paul is an incredibly dynamic speaker. As soon as Paul gets in front of the audience, they know that he is an extremely gifted speaker who will bring them real-world solutions with specific, actionable strategies.

I have 3 books that are all set to sell right now.

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